Module test in Hungary – Hike of the consumer

The educational module from conscious cosumption, shopping and local products has been successfully tested.

The module called Hike of the consumer – What are we really fed with? was written by Magosfa Foundation in Hungary.

We tested the module in April with class 7a in Karolina Catholic Primary School, at Vác city. On the first day, we tried out the first two blocks during two lessons. Students participated actively and enthisuastically in the youghurt testing excercise, as it was before lunch. Interesting conversation emerged around the topic: What machines do you use at home? Students living at urban places  in Vác city and in the countryside around Vác had different point of views and experiences.


On the second day we discussed briefly from local products. Then students made a short campaign speech and poster in the name of imaginary local producers. Finally, we participated on the 10 km party, where we made an offer from selected local products, and compared them with instant artificial food industry meals. Nobody left the party hungrily, and seemingly local products were prefered and more tasty.


After the successful test, some exercises were corrected, to fit the time frame more precisely.

Kiss Áron

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